POSTUROLOGY is the medical field that studies the postural dysfunctions and the static disturbances of the body axis, allowing the stability of the individual segments in space in the state of vertical position or in movement.

POSTUROLOGY approaches the human being in a systemic and ethiologic view, evaluating the health state in harmony with the hipocratic tradition of the Western medicine.

During this millennium of high technology, in which robotics, microsurgery, genetics are dominating , there are still people whose cause of sufferings has not been discovered, and who are classified as posturally disabled. The alteration of the processes of regulation by various elements of the modern life is a main source of considerable growth of postural troubles in the industrialized or developing countries. Over 90 percent of the world population suffer of troubles of the spinal cord.

The kind of interdisciplinarity of posturology among various specialists in medicine extends the field of the effectiveness of therapies towards a better health state of the sufferers.